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CUET, or the Central University Common Entrance Test, is a common entrance exam conducted for admission to various central universities in India. However, as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there was no specific mention of a "CUET Sociology" exam.

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A system in which wealth was acquired by the financing of wars in the expectation of booty, is termed by Weber as

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According to whom has industrial conflict become institutionalised i.e., confined within a particular institutional context?

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A city, a town and a village are examples of

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In sociology, who for the first time emphasised social action as the basis for theory?

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'Intimate face-to-face association and cooperation', according to Cooley, is a characteristic of

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Conurbation refers to

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A social relationship based on descent from a common ancestor is

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Following Marx, there was a spurt in research on the concept of alienation. From where did Marx borrow this concept?

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The right and obligation of members of a category of men to choose their wives from a prescribed category of women is termed as

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French philosopher, moralist and sociologist, he collaborated with Saint Simon from 1817 to 1823 and corresponded with J .S. Mill. He divided sociology into social statics and social dynamics and elaborated the law of the three stages of human thought: theological, metaphysical and positive. Can you identify who among the · following matches the above description?

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Who introduced the term kinship for consanguineal relationships, and distinguished it from affi~l relationships?

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Identify the correct group representing conflict theorists.

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Who distinguished two patterns· of speech naming them elaborated and restricted codes?

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According to whom the 'self' develops in a social context and is nurtured by primary groups?

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Max Weber used the term Verstehen' to denote the interpretative understanding of actor's social action. Who is associated with the term 'interpretative sociology?

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Which book amo9g the following bas not been authored by Charles H. Cooley?

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Which is NOT a feature of capitalism?

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The form of authority enjoyed by Gandhi, Hitler. Lenin, Martin Luther King could be termed as

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A classificatory kinship system differs from a descriptive one in that certain collateral relatives are addressed or spoken of by terms which also apply to lineal relatives. Who introduced the terms descriptive and classificatory into analyses of kinship?

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The invisible hand' of the free market is most often used in reference to...form of society

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The state or process of adjustment to a conflict situation in which overt expressions of hostility are avoided and. certain compensatory advantages, economic, social or psychological, are gained by both sides, while leaving the source of conflict unresolved and allowing the structural inequalities giving rise to minority subordination to persist." This is the definition of

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Which group of social scientists could be associated with the concept of bureaucracy?

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Bureaucracy is a form of authority.

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When two individuals with conflicting interests struggle over the terms of an exchange, the situation can be termed as that of

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Who first introduced the concept of alienation into sociological theory?

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When two individuals compete peacefully for the control of limited resources, the situation can be termed as that of

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Cognatic kinship system is

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According to whom, the decline of semi- autonomous groups within a society, such voluntary associations, local communities and neighbourhoods gives rise to feelings of alienation and making such people more available for the appeals of extremist groups?

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A rational legal form of authority is based primarily on a set of abstract rules, while in traditional form of authority the power flows on the basis of tradition. What is the main source of a charismatic leader?

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After Marx, the concept of alienation began more and more to be regarded as a socio-psychological condition of the individual. Who in this context isolated the concept of alienation into powerlessness, meaninglessness, normlessness, isolation and self- estrangement?

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A social relationship based on marriage is

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Avunculate' denotes

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Avunculate' denotes

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A joint stock company and a political party are examples of

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The form of authority in Mughal period in India was

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Who pioneered the method of multivariate analysis in sociology?

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Generally civilisation tends to be equated with high culture. But sometimes culture is not identified with civilisation but instead is contrasted, in the sense that the latter is a more complex social phenomenon, including the organisation of material and technological qualities as well as the beliefs, art forms, literature and the body of ideas and values of people, which more specifically is spoken of as culture. Who contrasted between civilisation and culture and termed 'civilisation as a process"?

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Anascopic is an adjective used to identify the kind of social theory which starts from the individual and looks upward to construct a conception of society, Whose theory do you think falls in such category?

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The method of comparing different societies or groups within the same society to show whe~her and why they are similar or different in certain respects (for e.g., Durkheim's and Weber's methods) is referred to as

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Who viewed corporate group in relation to authority and termed it as Verband?

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Max Weber divided the modes of the legitimation of authority into traditional, rational legal and charismatic. The authority of Nelson Mandela, in the present context, represents which among these?

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Which is the binding thread between power and authority?

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What do you call a research, which is concerned with practice, such as social change, therapy to individuals or a small social group, and improving the efficiency of an organisation?

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Which is the correct group associated with attitude research?

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A clan is

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Who wrote Patterns of Culture"?

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What is routinisation of charisma?

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A learned predisposition evidenced by the behaviour of an individual or group of individuals to evaluate an object or class of objects in a consistent or characteristic way, is referred to as

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Who suggested that democracy in its clearest form can occur only under capitalism?

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A concept is

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